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Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous. Gas has a strong smell added to it so that leaks can be easily detected. If you smell gas don't ignore it.

On your property, after the gas meter

If you smell gas on your property after the gas meter, and can access your gas meter safely, turn your gas supply off. If you're certain the leak is on your property, phone a licensed gas fitter.

Property owners are responsible for ensuring a licensed gas fitter carries out any work from the gas meter outlet up to and including:

  • pipe work from the gas meter to appliances

  • gas appliances

  • any flues or ducts.

An intermittent gas smell could also indicate a leak. If the gas pipe runs underground, other signs may include bubbles on the surface of puddles or patches of dead grass or vegetation.

If you smell gas inside

If you think there’s a gas leak your home:

  • don’t use a flame to try and find it

  • go outside immediately, opening doors and windows and extinguishing any open flames as you go

  • don't use a fan to assist ventilation

  • don't plug in or unplug any electrical appliances or switch them on or off

  • don't use a telephone, flashlight or switch any lights on or off inside the home, as these could cause a spark and start a fire

  • don't smoke or light matches in or near the property

  • locate and turn off the gas and electricity supply to the home, if the meters are outside and it’s safe for you to do so

  • use a mobile phone outside or ask a neighbour if you can use their phone to call a licensed gas fitter

  • don't re-enter your home until it has been inspected by a licensed gas fitter and they have confirmed it’s safe.

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